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Increasing of both: Online learning and drones supply demand

An increasing number of people enrolled in learning online courses due to the recent lockdown. The journey to acquire a new skill is an ideal entertainment from the difficulties of self-isolation and stands as a spearhead facing the uncertain lockdown consequences. The changing labor market’s demand encourages many to learn new relevant skills and connect with people on an uprising domain. Over the last 20 years, the numbers of UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), also called drones, have grown exponentially as there is widespread interest in drones. In fact, excluding the military and civilian markets, the commercial drones market shall reach $17.6 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 83.3%. In a time of social distancing and instant action, drones have shown their value in sanitizing public areas, checking people's temperature, delivering medicine supply to the hard-working hospital’s agent, inspecting, and instantly reporting unusual situation. These significant actions have been completed due to immense progress in agility and manoeuvrability occurring in the drone field within those past years.

Drones pilot: a new work model for a new job?

Back in 1849, the Austro-Hungarian empire bombed Venice with unmanned balloons charged with explosives, two days later the Venetians would surrender the city. Nowadays drones have grown primarily from military purpose to commercial within a short lap of time and offering tremendous business opportunities and a new job. Reflecting personal financial interest, even though there exist no exact numbers to define all drone pilot income, a research-based on Glassdoor data revealed that ‘‘Drone Pilot” shows a median salary of $79K. From the other hand, the demand for certified drone pilots started to exceed a growing supply propelled by e-training trend; and an additional incentive to become auto-entrepreneur or client-based/freelance in setting independent aerial services business.

Yesterday, drones pilot were either militarian, civil animators, or international firm's salaries. But is there any alternative way to operate a business drone pilot? Let us introduce you “Drone as a service”. Concentrate on a specific sector, drones’ Compagnie would operate with a fully integrated value chain and recruit self-made pilots to operate efficiently worldwide. According to a Le monde survey, in France, the number of drone pilots increases from +50% from 2017 to 2018. As the market grows, the journey to becoming part of the game evolved. Beneath, a scheme resumes the pilot strategic place in tomorrow's drone delivery services.

Drone pilot journey by Hdrones formation

Tips for finding an online certificate learning 👍

How to find secure and certificate online courses? Here a few tips to avoid easily some non-recognized but well market website. Remember that is you wish to be a nomad drone pilot you need to be certified under all country requirements.

  1. Search on google your country license regulator and check if the website is certified. Be aware of your country agreement with a full online license (For example, France will not agree on a completely online course, you will mandatorily need to have a physical flight lesson).
  2. If the company offer physical lesson it could help you validate the know-how of the company. We recommend having in any case flight hours with a certified monitor. He will give you some tips for your pilot journey.
  3. Look at the certification of the monitor. And whether the monitor is recurring or not. Otherwise, it’s could be content only from a major famous book.
  4. Is the learning have chapters on data collection, analysis, and security? When you are a drone pilot, the date is the basis of your work.
  5. Have you a follow-up offer? Check out if you have a premium offer follow-up
  6. Remember that you don’t need a professional license under 800gr drones in France. Look this simple information to avoid spending money. In some country legislation, a minimum level of education is mandatory but widely free to access like in France: https://fox-alphatango.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/

Then stand out companies involved in drone operation and providing a whole formation encompassing traditional drones characteristic and environment yet not omitting the user objectives as the essence to the whole course success. Hdrones is a drone delivery company since 2015, now offering e-training online with for goal to form anyone to become a drone expert certified by the DGAC with continuous support during and after the formation completed, as the graduated student can join Hdrones and share one common passion to re-build or forge from scratch better transportation system. Hdrones offers a hybrid learning mechanism with full online courses and a physical pilot operation learning. You save time and money but not lives and security.

From physical to online courses, the drone pilots will emerge in any way. Some questions for tomorrow's drone pilot are: How to find a business? How to keep updated about laws and regulations? How to ensure my drone? How to get an unhackable drone flight system? In which purpose? It seems obvious that the drone pilot will organize themself or join company communities to evolve through it.

A large scale of business sectors is recruiting drone pilots: security, humanitarian, entertainment, energy, delivery, agronomy, environment, civil engineering, cartography, insurance, IT data management, logistics. With a single-core goal: better profitability and quality of service.

To conclude 🚩

It is therefore not a surprise that some e-course investigating and transferring knowledge from the drones industry operation to the most widespread majority recently emerged. Those e-courses assist newcomers in diving into specific drones’ fields such as drones video, land mapping, infrastructure monitoring, drone programming. Most courses must contain a part for revealing the robotic’s element, describing the logistic performance, and provide an insight into the juridical part of the industry. Moving to discover the drone industry and its component would enlarge anyone’s views on their current field-work. Furthermore, learning about drones will provide anyone with a glimpse of what shall be common shortly: autonomous robots.

To go ahead here some practical links 👏 :

Drones simulator

Global drone regulation database > A country per country law environment



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